Wire grid panels are unsung merchandising heroes. Economical to buy, easy to install, versatile in display options, gridwall pulls its weight with its contributions to your store’s bottom line. Fixtures and Displays offers gridwall and slatgrid panels as a low-cost retail merchandising solution to create displays that are easy on shopper’s eyes and easier on your retail supply budget. Most retailers will wall mount these panels and attach shelving, hangrail, faceouts or even wire bins. That is just the beginning of how thrifty and display savvy business owners can reap savings and profits using our wire grid panels.

When not serving as ambassadors for a retailer’s wall mounted product placement requirements, wire panels may be used to create freestanding or even mobile display options directly on the selling floor. With a smaller footprint than hangrails or apparel racks, wire grid panels may be used singly or in a configuration. The display options are limitless but here are a few that are aimed at intriguing your shoppers and converting them to customers.

Tight retail display budgets seldom allow for dedicated display racks for shoes, scarves, carded jewelry, sunglasses, even handbags. A quick and economical way to promote these items is to attach three to six panels together. These can be used like a folding screen to delineate an area of your store. Again, if square footage is an issue, four of these co-joined panels make a sturdy tower with merchandising opportunities on all four sides. These columns are especially useful to display costume jewelry and/or sunglasses. Attach a mirror at eye level and provide sufficient table space nearby so shoppers may place their selections or shopping bags down. Once browsers have their hands free to make selections, see how your sales will increase.

Boost Impulse Buys with Creativity and Wire Grid Panels

Make your shoppers comfortable and your merchandise within easy reach. If your store provides light snacks and coffee and or teas, purchase a bistro table or two with matching chairs. Be sure to place these items near grid panel displays you have attached to the end of a shelving run. Not only will this provide an intimate area with a bit of privacy for your shoppers to check their voicemails and emails, but also to peruse select merchandise you have positioned on your wire grid panels.

This is a great opportunity to merchandise accessories, home decor, even torso forms wearing seasonal apparel pieces such as tees and tank tops. Remember, if weekly changeouts are required, that placing these wire grid panel displays on casters will make them easy to move and re-merchandise as needed.

If your retail store uses tables for folded merchandise there is an easier way that takes up less space. Create gridwall cubbie cabinets with one or two large gridwall panels joined at one side and four smaller panels evenly spaced between them. Finally, use another small panel for the top and the last for the bottom. When all pieces have been securely attached to each other, you’ll have a 12 bin shelving unit where stacked folded merchandise is likely to stay neater longer. It will also serve as a focal point, a divider yet be see-through if some of the bins are left empty.

Fixtures and Displays is the industry leader in supplying economical as well as highly effective retail display products. To place an order for wire grid panels or if you are not certain what display units are best for your retail store, give us a call and we’ll be glad to advise you: (800) 764-8544!

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