After the July 4th fireworks displays and families return from vacation, it’s the time most parents’ thoughts turn toward making Back to School (BTS) clothing purchases. By August, the early shoppers will have descended and fulfilled their BTS lists when retailers offer the greatest selection.

Let’s address merchandise displays for the late comers who shop the last week in September, less than a week before school opens for the new year. They arrive with wallets in hand and children in tow to power-shop what’s left to get their families ready for the school year. Here are some suggestions for your retail displays that will make your remaining merchandise appealing and shoppers’ purchasing decisions easier.

Tips for Planning Successful End-of-Season Back to School Retail Displays

  1. Know your dress codes. Encourage sales by having dress-code appropriate attire separate from after-school casual wear. For example, slogan T-shirts, frayed clothing as well as too-prominent branding is being widely restricted. Just group these popular items where they will not confuse shoppers looking to buy school wardrobes.
  2. Help your summer-weary shoppers by providing dress code lists that many schools will post online or send to parents. Having print-outs while shopping prevents many parents from being coerced into buying inappropriate clothing items the child insists on and avoids processing returned items later.

  3. If, in addition to clothing, your retail outlet also carries lunch boxes and backpacks, save your customers some steps by displaying these items on a group of child mannequins. Fixtures and Displays’ offers seated and standing, unisex and headless child mannequins to vary your merchandising options. Create a realistic vignette that suggests a group of children waiting for the school bus and work in cross-market accessories such as jewelry and watches, fitness bands, shoes and hosiery.

  4. Do not forget to merchandise for the youngest family members who may begin attending day care or Pre-K activities while their parents are at work. This Back to School demographic is often overlooked and yet can prove to be excellent “customers” as they outgrow their clothing more frequently than their older siblings. Fixtures and Displays has retailers who market to preschoolers covered. We offer mannequins that depict children from 9 months to 2 and 4 year olds.

  5. To encourage sales create a group of small children at play and place your Back to School retail displays where shoppers will be drawn to inspect them. Make sure that display racks and shelving are conveniently nearby and continuously stocked with neatly folded stacks of the clothes your mannequins are wearing.

  6. If you are sold out of a style or outfit, promptly replace it on your selling floor or in your window displays to avoid disappointing shoppers which could impact sales.

  7. Keep your merchandise looking fresh and appealing. Every clothing retailer must have a professional garment steamer. Steam garments that have become wrinkled to prevent them from appearing shopworn and to increase sales. For jeans and tee shirts displayed on shelving, a folding board will speed returning these items to shopper-ready condition.

  8. Be sure to take time before your store opens and after it closes to make certain your displays have been straightened if necessary. To make your rackage displays more appealing try color coding merchandise.

  9. Sizing Matters: When straightening rack displays corral your merchandise by size and differentiate sizes. This will make clothing selection easier and minimize returns.

Plan Your Retail Displays for Last Minute Shoppers Now

Life happens. There will always be last minute shoppers for every season each with high expectations for the selection of merchandise they require. Get ready for them with a little planning, some organization and assistance from Fixtures and Displays to ensure that your Back to School retail displays not only impress but also exceed sales projections. Give us a call at (800) 764-8544.