Imagination is a powerful stimulant. Using a creative approach in retail displays, merchandisers can harness shoppers’ motivations to increase the sale of accessories. Our everyday wardrobes speak volumes about us. For example, many career wardrobe choices are made to represent the position we want to attain, not the job title we currently have. Going on vacation? What’s new in resort wear so your wardrobe will reflect your 4-star surroundings? Savvy retailers will create displays that illustrate a goal or even a fantasy that shoppers may have concerning the image they want to project about themselves. This merchandising technique can be utilized to increase sales of scarves, neckwear, jewelry, watches, handbags, footwear, hosiery, hats and sunglasses.

What kind of shopper does your retail establishment cater to? The professional man or woman? Do you dress them for every role they assume every day? At home with family? Special occasion? Dress for success? Go beyond selecting an eye-catching outfit. Anticipate your shoppers’ needs and fulfill them visually by telling a story with your garment displays.

Almost everyone who has seen a televised awards show has envied the celebrities’ high-end fashions. If your retail store sells special occasion ensembles, create a red carpet display in your windows or at the entrance to your selling floor. Ensure that delicate items with beading are protected by mounting your mannequin display on sturdy Maple 3-Tier Rectangular Wood Tables or atop a Set of Two Black Nesting Tables. You’ll create a display that provides high visual impact yet security for delicate, upscale garments.

Creative Displays That Sell

When envisioning a new collection of clothing, fashion designers create an idea wall for inspiration. Use this idea throughout your selling floor to assist your store’s clientele to make buying decisions Gridwall and slatwall can be ideal for expressing this concept. First create a central theme using posters and high-impact graphics to attract attention. Position abstract mannequins such as the dramatic Crystalline Series dressed in complete outfits including pocket scarves, ties, sunglasses, statement necklaces, bracelets, watches and even crossbody, shoulder handbags, and footwear. Use shelving and faceouts so that intrigued shoppers can readily locate these items and make their selections.

For a finishing touch, continue this theme at the point of sale. Bracelets, wallets, and additional eyewear and scarf choices can be attractively and enticingly displayed using Fixtures and Displays’ Deluxe Clear Large Acrylic Display Riser, Display Cubes and our Revolving Chrome Scarf Display Stand. Seeing is believing so ensure that a Double-Sided Oval or Rectangular Shaped Counter Mirror is positioned nearby to increase impulse buys. Countertop sign holders can drive your message home with promotional suggestions and even discounts for multiple purchases of an item.

Fixtures and Displays offers a wide selection of retail store fixtures and display systems. Our products and renowned customer service ensures that your retail environment will offer your customers unlimited selling opportunities. Call us at (800) 764-8544 to review your retail display requirements!