4 Year Old White Unisex Headless Child Mannequin

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Durable, lightweight fiberglass construction, 14" diameter round tempered glass base with ankle-mount rod.


GTIN Number 00841134105229
Weight in Lbs. 22.049999
Finish Matte White
Base Style Round Glass
Head Style Headless
Neck Cut Style Straight
Hand Style Abstract
Foot Shoe Heel Style Abstract
Mannequin Weight 21 lbs
Shoulder Arm Fittings Standard
Wrist Fittings Push Pull
Rod Style Calf and Foot
Base Size 14 in. Dia.
Height 37 in.
Material Fiberglass
Chest 22 in.
Waist 20 in.
Hips 23 1/4 in.
Multiple Cartons 1
Carton Dimensions 40"L x 15.25"W x 10.25"H

The white color and proficiently sculpted features of the Kidz Klub Series 4 year old white unisex headless child mannequin captures the marvel and respectability of youth, with the flexibility only a unisex headless form can provide.  Its fiberglass material is tough, yet lightweight.  This lends itself to low shipping costs, easy handling and maximum durability.  This form includes molded hair which requires no upkeep, unlike forms with wigs.  

Whether you are searching for mannequins or other display tools to fit the personality of your store and its offerings, Fixtures and Displays has the solution for your retail merchandising needs. 

Please note: To get the most attention from your shoppers, it is best to group multiple ages together.

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